We’ve answered a lot of questions here on ShopTalk (1500+). So rather repeating ourselves over and over, we’ve collected some of our most frequently asked questions and bundled them up just for you. Listen and (maybe) get a different point each time we answer the same question.

How do you sync local and remote WordPress databases?

Use WP Migrate DB Pro from Delicious Brains. It’s a paid plugin but solves the problem elegantly. If that doesn’t work for you, you need to dump the database and then find & replace a bunch of URLs. It’s worth the money.

How do you deploy WordPress?

There are a variety of ways but we usually settle on using a service like Beanstalk or a fancy new tool like wp-deploy.

Should I go to college/university or get a job?

Depending on where you live, college is expensive and most colleges/universities don’t teach Web Design/Development very well. However, there are some good schools for Web Design and more importantly there are lots of other (social) reasons to go to college. Listen to your heart.

Is Cool New Tool (Squarespace, Macaw, etc) replacing web design?

Depends. These tools are great and might be perfect for getting an idea out quickly. It’s probably your job as a web designer embrace these tools and offer more than what these tools provide.

Let us know on Twitter if we missed some.