057: With Jeff Starr

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This week we were joined by Jeff Starr, who has been blogging about the web for longer than either of us. Jeff is a WordPress master, co-author of Digging Into WordPress (with Chris) and author of HTAccess Made Easy. We talk about (roughly in order):


Q & A

  • 21:44 Getting off EE, and on to ______?
  • 27:21 Hiring a new front-end dev, what should I ask? Questions by Darcy Clarke
  • 36:15 How do you handle deployment in a git workflow?
  • 45:30 Learning via the student/mentor relationship
  • 54:00 What up with attribute selectors in CSS?


  • Another alternative to EE, if you’re used to creating static page types and adding “tags” to your templates. Then check out Perch. ( www.http://grabaperch.com ) It’s become my personal favourite.

    Like EE, Perch lets you create templates and add tag hooks to your existing HTML There’s no need to split up your HTML and spread it across php files. (Like wordpress does).

    • Highly recommend Perch too. Does exactly what the user was asking for.

  • Actually you don’t need to to anything at all to WordPress to make it work on NginX. Last weekend I followed this quick guide for Amazon EC2 + Nginx + WordPress: http://theartofcode.tv/installing-wordpress-on-ec2/

    Turns out it’s really pretty simple, and the performance on NginX vs. Apache is crazy. A plain WordPress install, tested with Pingdom tools, had a page load time of 254 miliseconds. Not response time, actual page load time.

  • Oh, and for Git deployment there’s another solution I’m really fond of. It only takes a few minutes to set up and after that you simply push directly to your server (No cron jobs pulling from Github etc.)

    I use it for both my own website and for client sites I’m actively developing on. It works really well. After following the tutorial below, all I need to do is: $ git push production and the changes are instantly there.

    Because of the way this is set up, all the versions and branches etc. are not kept on the server only the files in the latest version of your current branch are actually taking up space.

    Here’s the tutorial http://burakdede.com/2012/07/06/amazon-ec2-repository-for-git-push/

  • Julie Kuehl

    VERY interested in the student/mentor relationship you discussed. Any further info/links?

  • I found the Advanced Custom Fields plugin Chris recommends in this episode, but which Custom Post Type plugin was he referring to? Can someone show me where I can find this in the plugin directory?

  • Coert Grobbelaar

    Hey guys, the ‘Digging Into WordPress’ link in the show notes goes to the wrong place… I’m guessing it should go to http://digwp.com ?

    • chriscoyier

      Good catch, fixed!