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  1. Episode 221

    With Elea Chang and Deep Shah

    This week we're joined by Elea Chang and Deep Shah to chat about getting involved in designing for social good, upcoming conferences, burn out and caring about a cause while caring about yourself.
  2. Episode 212

    With Sara Wachter-Boettcher and Eric Meyer

    We're talking with the authors of A Boot Apart's latest book: Design for Real Life. Sara Wachter-Boettcher and Eric Meyer chat about designig for stress cases as opposed to edge cases: does your app or website take into account what a person might be going through when they're trying to use it?
  3. Episode 198

    With Ashe Dryden

    This week we talked with Ashe Dryden about how companies, open source projects, and conferences, can become more diversified.
  4. Episode 110

    With Julie Ann Horvath

    This week we were joined by Julie Ann Horvath, designer and developer for &yet. Julie has recently been the subject of tech news headlines because of her public resignation from her previous employer (Github) due to sexism and harassment. It's a heavy and traumatic topic, but we're thankful to Julie for sharing her experience so we can grow as a community and prevent these types of unfortunate events in the future. *Note: Within minutes of wrapping this episode, Brendan Eich stepped down as CEO.*
  5. Episode 097

    With Mina Markham

    This week we were joined by Mina Markham, a Sass-lovin' designer and developer from Dallas, Texas. She's a Syracuse University alum, part-time freelancer, full-time Parago employee, and soon-to-be Girl Develop It teacher.