097: With Mina Markham

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This week we were joined by Mina Markham, a Sass-lovin' designer and developer from Dallas, Texas. She's a Syracuse University alum, part-time freelancer, full-time Parago employee, and soon-to-be Girl Develop It teacher.



Mina Markham

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Mina is a front end developer at Slack.

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  • "CSS Level 4 kind of stuff"
  • 17:01 I've just started using Compass mixins and helpers, but I've found that it doesn't directly solve all of the prefix problems. Should I write my own mixins, or should I try to choose from one of the gazillion or so community mixins available?
  • 22:53 Do you feel any isolation in being a black woman in the dev and coding community?
  • 29:10 I'm primarily a front-end coder. I'd like to do more design work for my company. How do I convince them to take a chance on me?
  • 35:23 With today's advancements in HTML and CSS, how much of a site is image based? What parts should be displayed with images and what should be CSS3 coding?
  • 41:27 I'm a front end developer that works with a team of talented back end devs. How would you hand off CSS that has been compiled by a preprocessor to a back end developer?
  • 48:00 How do I trademark my personal brand?
  • 54:41 I have fallen in love in how easy CodeKit makes developing websites. But when I work with other people, often in Rails, they just use the terminal to compile the Sass. But I really miss the compiling + minifying of JavaScript. Is there a way to do this without CodeKit?