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115 Bryan Jones and Guy Meyer

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Bryan Jones

Web // Twitter

Bryan is the developer behind Codekit.

Guy Meyer

Web // Twitter

Guy is the designer of Codekit.

Show Description

This week we were joined by Bryan Jones and Guy Meyer. They are the creators of the fantastic web development app Codekit.

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  • codekipple

    In regards to the listener question about using a templating language when using WordPress there is a really good option for this!

    Timber – can be installed via a WordPress plugin and let’s you write in Twig –

    Twig is a templating language built for writing PHP and its beautiful, i can’t recommend it highly enough, makes writing the views for php really fun. A major benefit of using a templating language in a WordPress site is being able to reuse html patterns easily.

    • asecondwill

      seconded. Timber is so good. I don’t think i could cope with WP without it. “‘Cos wordpress is awesome, but the loop isn’t”

  • For the question about a plugin in Grunt that does simple HTML pre-processing , check grunt-bake ( )

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