115: Bryan Jones and Guy Meyer

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This week we were joined by Bryan Jones and Guy Meyer. They are the creators of the fantastic web development app Codekit.

We talked about (roughly in order):


  • 10:15 WordPress mentorship initiative going on at http://wpmentor.org
  • 13:25 GiantConf blows up

Q & A:

  • 23:09 I use Grunt, but I also own a copy of CodeKit (1 & 2). I can never figure out a decent workflow: is there a plan for some Grunt integration in CodeKit?
  • 43:07 What are your thoughts on HTML pre-processing languages?
  • 49:30 What is your workflow when deploying from local to remote, and how do you handle working with another developer on a WP project, for version control especially again with the DB?
  • 56:22 Have you had any success or desire to template in Jade within WordPress?


  • 22:05 E4H – AccessU Summit – A one day conference on May 12th, a full day ONLINE conference about accessibility. Learn all about accessibility with talks like Mobile Accessibility, Accessible Media for the Web, and more! Get your tickets today! CSS Dev Conf!!! An awesome in-person conference all about CSS. Taking place on October 13th-15th in New Orleans. VOTE for the talks you want to see! Register today
  • 41:00 Campaign Monitor – Campaign Monitor makes it easy to attract new subscribers, send
 them beautiful email newsletters and see stunning reports on the results. We use it for our Shoptalk newsletter. Check out their free eBook available with their top 100 email campaigns, it’s a great dose of inspiration for 2014.

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  • codekipple

    In regards to the listener question about using a templating language when using WordPress there is a really good option for this!

    Timber – http://jarednova.github.io/timber/ can be installed via a WordPress plugin and let’s you write in Twig – http://twig.sensiolabs.org/

    Twig is a templating language built for writing PHP and its beautiful, i can’t recommend it highly enough, makes writing the views for php really fun. A major benefit of using a templating language in a WordPress site is being able to reuse html patterns easily.

    • asecondwill

      seconded. Timber is so good. I don’t think i could cope with WP without it. “‘Cos wordpress is awesome, but the loop isn’t”

  • For the question about a plugin in Grunt that does simple HTML pre-processing , check grunt-bake ( https://www.npmjs.org/package/grunt-bake )