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092 With Dudley Storey

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Dudley Storey

Web // Twitter

Dudley is an author, Smashing Magazine contributor, teacher and speaker.

Show Description

This week we were joined by Dudley Storey. Dudley is a teacher, craftsman, designer & writer, and the author of Pro CSS3 Animation.

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  • james cross

    i am one of dudleys students it is an amazing course

  • Brian Krogsgard

    Good episode! Just as a note on using the WordPress editor to make file changes, it’s probably a bad idea to do pretty much ever.

    If you are making PHP changes especially, there is nothing that will prevent you from making an error, and it’s very easy to throw one w/ a simple missing bracket, closing tag, etc. And then you get locked out of your site. So for PHP changes, definitely a traditional development environment is the way to go.

    I’ve even heard stories of people not knowing their FTP information and breaking their site through the editor, so.. yeah 🙂

    For CSS, the Jetpack Custom CSS addon is by far a better experience. It’s got a CodePen-like syntax handler so it’s not difficult for someone to hop in and play with their site CSS. Anything beyond that, the site owner should really have a handle on regular dev environments anyway.

    Also, a handy tip for the editor… since it’s rarely (if ever) useful, and could even be a point of considerable vulnerability, it’s pretty easy to turn it off with the DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT constant in wp-config:

    Thanks for what y’all do, Shop Talk is great!

  • +1 on Dudley and Chris’s comment about coding being a gateway drug.
    I love coding as much as people love facebooking and tweeting, yet I am mainly an artist,painter, animator…so sad

  • It maybe a little bit late but I just listened to this episode yesterday. What could be better than having your code reviewed by beers for free? This is a website by stackexchange network. It’s basically like stackoverflow but for code review.

    Hope that guy that was asking that question find it useful.

    Keep up the awesome work guys! <3 and respect!

  • David Randell

    Regarding Flash in a Web Design/FED Course. Any student trying to get into the industry would most likely be taking on a junior level role. Most likely they will be sadled with stuff like Email Marketing and Flash Banner Ads, stuff that usually goes to the new guy! So as long as Google supports banner ads made in Flash then it’s a subject that should be considered in an entry level or one/two year course no? Would love to hear thoughts from you guys.

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