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127 With Tobias Günther

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Tobias Günther

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Tobias is the founder of Fournova, the makers of Tower.

Show Description

This week we were joined by Tobias Günther. Tobias is the founder and CEO of Fournova, the makers of Tower - the most powerful Git client for Mac. We take a deep dive into Git and version control.

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  • I run git on the command line (plus I use a Windows machine, so I couldn’t use Tower anyway), and git bash’s default way of handling conflicts is very hard. Though you can assign an alias ( to `git mergetool` to open another application to handle the merge. I use DiffMerge ( and it is fantastic! Easy to use and makes handling conflicts so much easier.

  • Tony Garcia

    pretty surprised you guys haven’t heard of SourceTree (by Atlassian). Would’ve been nice to ask Tobias reasons he thinks it’s worth to pay for Tower when SourceTree is such a fantastic GUI tool and it’s free!

  • Daniel Douglas

    Haha is it just me or have you guys been really pushing Media Temple since the ‘hacker special’ episode.

  • KevMmm

    Regarding the question about project management and GitHub repos. We use and love

    • rauhryan

      Thanks for the shout out @KevMmm:disqus.

      Founder of HuBoard here. If interested, I’d could come on the show and talk about using GitHub as a project management tool.

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