126: With Fabio Carneiro

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This week we were joined by Fabio Carneiro. Fabio is an Email & User Experience Designer at MailChimp, where he designs and develops versatile, responsive html emails for over 4 million users.



Fabio Carneiro

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Fabio leads the front end team at Mailchimp.

Time Jump Links

  • 21:50 Are there any tools or frame works to help make responsive emails easier for me?
  • 38:06 Can you describe your workflow for marking up and testing a HTML email?
  • 44:58 If you were an active member in a forum, how could you describe the notification preferences of your dreams?
  • 49:40 What is the easiest way of handling data without a database?
  • 53:11 I've noticed that most registration forms don't require the user to enter their email address twice (just like the password). Is there any best practice to make it the most comfortable for the client and securing a successful registration process?