127: With Tobias Günther

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This week we were joined by Tobias Günther. Tobias is the founder and CEO of Fournova, the makers of Tower - the most powerful Git client for Mac. We take a deep dive into Git and version control.



Tobias Günther

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Tobias is the founder of Fournova, the makers of Tower.

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  • 16:06 I have never used git before as a web developer/designer. Can you explain in more detail about how git works?
  • 21:12 When you make a commit in a VCS like Git or Subversion, should the commit message be in the past, present or future tense?
  • 24:44 I am part of a very small team prototyping a new app. We are familiar with GitHub, but the enterprise-company we're working for requires us to work in Subversion (SVN). How would you recommend we attack the SVN dilemma?
  • 32:32 We have a linux-based server where some of our clients' websites are hosted. Someone thought of the idea of moving the entire website-folder into a Dropbox-folder thus keeping all the websites constantly backed up to the cloud, and at the same time using the Dropbox built-in version history to easily revert back to older versions of images/files or whatever when needed. Any ideas about pros/cons regarding performance and so on?
  • 40:06 What license - if any - do you guys use for open source software?
  • 45:10 I recently wrote and open-sourced a "framework" of sorts which deploys WordPress projects via Git/GitHub using Capistrano and WP-CLI. Here's the link.
  • 52:00 Have you tried using Git as a project management tool? Would you recommend it?
  • 57:05 Do you know of an ebook, online resource, or online course directed at Git newbies?