111: With Dee Gill

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This week we were joined by Dee Gill. Dee transitioned her career from finance to software engineering in part via a dev bootcamp, so we talk about the many different ways to learn web development and programming.

We talked about (roughly in order):


  • 25:50 #HOTDRAMA Feedback
  • 29:02 Revisiting the Brendan Eich situation

Q & A:

  • 34:00 I’ve been doing front end dev work for a little while on my own, and now I’m ready to join a team. Do you have any suggestions for me regarding the interview process?
  • 37:47 What do you guys think about online learning resources like Codacademy and Treehouse?
  • 45:58 Should I go to college to learn web development? What about programming bootcamps?
  • 52:23 How do you keep tabs on all the things you care about and stay passionate?


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  • donniemiller

    People on the other side of the fence about the Julie drama were referred to as “peanut gallery” and “trolls”. How can you host controversial topics such as hackers and sexism and not give both sides an equal share of conversation?

  • Regarding http://shoptalkshow.com/episodes/011-dee-gill/#t=45:58 : While I’m a fan of the user submitted Q/A, I think the show could use less repetition of questions. I think we’ve heard this question a dozen times and the really just boils down to “it depends”. The show would benefit from passing on this question and a few other questions we’ve heard multiple times.

    Just some honest feedback. Keep up the great work!

  • rkraig

    She lucked out. The concept that she had a job when she got back working in a completely different field is almost unheard of in today’s economy unless you are in the army, but at least in the army they usually know what your education/intellectual aptitude is. In this case, they seemed to find keeping her to be a general positive return on her coming back unless they thought, well, she might learn, but she will come back as her previous position.

  • donniemiller
    • I would really love to hear what ShopTalk’s thoughs are in light of this news!

  • Great episode. FYI your permalink for this page is 011-dee-gill. I assume that’s supposed to be 111?