112: With Tim Murtaugh

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This week we were joined by Tim Murtaugh, you might know him as the guy who helped make the A List Apart website...



Tim Murtaugh

Web · Social

Tim is a partner at Monkey Do! and a tech editor at A List Apart.

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  • 13:05 Trim
  • 16:22 How to be an Open Source Gardener
  • 25:48 Why you would use GitHub over BitBucket when the private repos on BitBucket are clearly cheaper?
  • 32:08 How do you prescribe handling various content styles within a given module? Things like font size, color, and bottom margins?
  • 40:34 Do you think that certificates are of value when looking for a job? Is it worth finding and completing courses that 'verify' the assortment of web-related skills that I have?
  • 45:10 I came across this website and I was wondering: how did they make their website scroll infinitely around in a circle?
  • 50:24 Safari Reader - how does it determine the relative content and what to display and at what article length does it kick in?
  • 56:15 I saw this new bootstrap theme/framework that has dozens of pre-made components that you combine like a puzzle to create a website. This looks pretty good at first on how they present it in their video but when I started using it I was disappointed and it took away the fun of making a website. What are your thoughts about buying and editing themes