Episode 111

With Dee Gill

his week we were joined by Dee Gill. Dee transitioned her career from finance to software engineering in part via a dev bootcamp, so we talk about the many different ways to learn web development and programming.


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Dee Gill

Web // Twitter

Dee is a developer at CodePen and works on CSS-Tricks.

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Time Jump Links
  • 25:50 #HOTDRAMA Feedback
  • 29:02 Revisiting the Brendan Eich situation
  • 34:00 I've been doing front end dev work for a little while on my own, and now I'm ready to join a team. Do you have any suggestions for me regarding the interview process?
  • 37:47 What do you guys think about online learning resources like Codacademy and Treehouse?
  • 45:58 Should I go to college to learn web development? What about programming bootcamps?
  • 52:23 How do you keep tabs on all the things you care about and stay passionate?

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