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094 With Emily Dunkle

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Emily Dunkle

Web // Twitter

Emily is a UI & UX Designer from Massachusetts.

Show Description

This week we were joined by Emily Dunkle. Emily is a UI & UX Designer from Massachusetts. She believes in semantic markup, design of all kinds, and a good old-fashioned legal pad.

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  • Christen Clark

    FIREWORKS! Still supports copy and paste to illustrator…

    • Dave Rupert

      My gripe is *from* Illustrator. You used to be able to snag whole vectors and just plop them in. You could also drag SVGs on there, but that’s broke too 🙁

  • tomByrer has moved to
    Thanks for the show!

  • Greg Perham

    I’d like you fellas to take Brian (Bryan?) up on his offer to come on the show for two reasons: 1—give some small fish a chance; they (we) are never heard on these podcasts and are more relatable to the audience; 2—a case study would be very interesting and a nice change to format. What Bryan (Brian?) suggested is very real “shop talk,” as apposed to “what is your name and what do you do” style interviews that are the norm and not all that interesting usually.

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