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  1. Episode 434

    Natalya Shelburne on Design Engineering

    Natalya Shelburne is out guest to talk about her work at the New York Times, the importance of job titles, design engineering, design systems, and 2020 hot takes and soapboxes: childcare in the pandemic, education, and conferences.
  2. Episode 405

    Cross-Cultural Design with Senongo Akpem

    Seneongo Akpem talks with us about his new book, Cross-Cultural Design, and how building websites for people all over the world and from different cultures can be done better.
  3. Episode 378

    RapidFire Q&A on Podcast Sponsorships, npm Dependencies, and Front End Developers

    Chris and Dave open up the mailbag and answer your questions in an return of a classic RapidFire episode. How do you know if you're a senior developer? How do we handle sponsors in WordPress?
  4. Episode 359

    RapidFire Q’s on Node, Design & Development, & Coder’s Block

    We're doing a RapidFire Q&Apisode answering your questions about Node, working on design and development, coder's block, and how to get more responsibility on remote projects.
  5. Episode 343

    Learning How to Design with Erik Kennedy

    Erik Kennedy helps us open up 2019 with a great discussions on learning how to design, picking out better typography, picking colors, how to handle negative design feedback, and more.