583: Language Models, AI, and Digital Gardens with Maggie Appleton

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Maggie Appleton talks with us about her work at Elicit, working with large and small language models, how humans vet the responses from AI, the discussion around the Soggoth meme in AI, using Discord as UI, what to do if your boss wants AI in your app, and why does she call her blog a digital garden?



Maggie Appleton

Maggie Appleton

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Design at Elicit. Makes visual essays about UX, programming, and anthropology. Adores digital gardening, end-user development, and embodied cognition.

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  • 00:20 Welcome
  • 01:29 Introducing Maggie Appleton
  • 02:05 Working with language models
  • 03:16 What is Elicit?
  • 06:29 Humans vetting language model data
  • 08:52 Do we still have to know what questions to ask?
  • 11:13 The Shoggoth meme
  • 17:21 Language Model Sketchbook and hating chatbots
  • 23:03 Is fine tuning something you do once or each time?
  • 29:08 Personal feelings in response to generative art
  • 33:31 Using Discord as your UI
  • 37:06 Environmental concerns around AI
  • 40:19 Training on smaller data like a single website
  • 45:54 How do you test AI models?
  • 47:04 My boss wants AI - what do I do?
  • 51:17 How does Elicit vet and process PDFs?
  • 53:42 Why is it a digital garden instead of a blog?

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