556: Andrey Sitnik and Using OKLCH for Color

Andrey Sitnik from Evil Martians talks with us about why OKCLH is the best way forward for color on the web, how to incorporate it into design systems, getting your designers to use OKCLH, and what kind of fallback support is needed.



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Andrey Sitnik

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  • 01:19 Guest introduction
  • 02:44 Color formats
  • 07:04 Why OKLCH?
  • 08:03 Color as a construct
  • 16:40 Why OKLCH?
  • 22:54 Can this tool automate fallbacks?
  • 31:07 Sponsor: Frontend Masters
  • 32:51 Do the colors keep getting brighter and vibrant?
  • 34:24 How do we pick colors for design systems?
  • 41:29 Do I need to use a fallback?
  • 47:03 Do you need to detect the P3 color space?
  • 50:31 OKCLH can be used for screen readers and accessibility
  • 56:06 How do I get my designers to use OKCLH?

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