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  1. Episode 235

    Rapidfire 71

    We skipped the suits and jumped straight to your questions - including feedback on last episode's discussion of design being a solved problem, email sign up forms know you're already signed up, applying what you learn from programming to real life, Sass placeholder classes, and can the web get *any* slower?
  2. Episode 215

    With Khoi Vinh

    This week we get to chat with Khoi Vinh, Director of Product Design, Mobile at Adobe about the tools we use right now to build and design with and also what the future might look like.
  3. Episode 155

    With Aaron Mentele

    Aaron Mentele is a developer at Electric Pulp. We took a deep dive into typography, getting started with freelancing, working with Stephen Colbert, and more.
  4. Episode 142

    With Rachel Smith

    This week we're joined by Rachel Smith. Rachel is currently doing animation/motion design for the web at Active Theory.
  5. Episode 138

    with Jared Spool

    This week we're joined by Jared Spool. Jared is the founder of User Interface Engineering, the largest usability research organization of its kind in the world. He also co-founded Center Centre, a new school creating the next generation of industry-ready UX designers.