155: With Aaron Mentele

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Aaron Mentele is a developer at Electric Pulp. We took a deep dive into typography, getting started with freelancing, working with Stephen Colbert, and more.



Aaron Mentele

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Aaron is a partner at Electric Pulp.

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  • 13:11 FCC votes for net neutrality
  • 20:41 Russell Heimlich built a site for his daughter using the real-time API from Instagram
  • 22:04 I have been looking at the Electric Pulp website and I love the fonts you have used. I am picking fonts for a project in the making and was wondering if there was an efficient way to do this?
  • 26:34 What's your opinion on using inline styles?
  • 42:20 Do you know of any resources or places out there where there are people that want a website built by someone who isn't a pro?
  • 47:36 How do you deal with a boss that doesn't respect his employees' time and talents?
  • 51:20 How should web designers present their portfolio work in an interview? Should they have a print portfolio like traditional designers, or is showing up with a laptop and clicking through your work online acceptable?
  • 53:59 I'm a long time developer that recently have started to listen to your show as I've grown more and more interested in the front end part of the development I do. My question is: where do you draw the line between front and back-end developer/work?