142: With Rachel Smith

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This week we're joined by Rachel Smith. Rachel is currently doing animation/motion design for the web at Active Theory.



Rachel Smith

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Rachel is a web developer at CodePen.

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  • 16:16 I've been playing around with requestAnimationFrame in an attempt to create a smoother, more efficient animated ScrollTo effect for various web projects I work on. In some modern browsers, I'm getting some stuttering at the beginning of or during the animation. Any tips on how to create smoother animations using rAF or relevant resources for this type of problem?
  • 24:08 I wondered if you guys had any good references about animated charts and statistics? I would need to be able to have nice transitions on graphs like the classic google analytics type chart (visit/time) and also other charts like pie charts and so on. What tech would be good for this?
  • 32:54 Do you have a helpful tip on understanding the whole WebSockets 'pub-sub' concept?
  • 46:00 I am front end web developer with php experience but have never created a native phone application. Would a program like PhoneGap or ionic be a good solution for this problem or would the "hybrid" app have performance issues?
  • 53:11 I want to know why Photoshop has become an industry standard when it comes to creating layouts for web design. What are some of the benefits of using Photoshop for layouts?