There are 6 shows about this topic.

  1. Episode 142

    With Rachel Smith

    This week we're joined by Rachel Smith. Rachel is currently doing animation/motion design for the web at Active Theory.
  2. Episode 133

    Rapidfire 36

    This week it's another RAPID-FIRE!!! Nothing but hot question and action action!
  3. Episode 071


    This week we have a special RAPIDFIRE episode for you! We’re gonna answer as many of your questions as possible, as best as we can (in three minutes or less)! We talked about (roughly in order):
  4. Episode 056


    No guests, no drama, no, whatever, other stuff. Just all question on answer action with Chris and Dave. We talk about (roughly in order):
  5. Episode 042

    Rapidfire #11

    Hot off the trail of "Episode 41: The Even Lost'er Episode", we have another surprise RAPIDFIRE! No guest, no drama, just question on answer action.