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  1. Episode 354

    Next.js and Now with Guillermo Rauch

    Guillermo Rauch stops by to talk about Zeit, Now, and Next.
  2. Episode 342

    Performance Improvements with Ben Schwarz

    We're talking performance improvements and we've got Ben Schwarz, creator of Calibre - the web performance monitoring app for teams, on to give some quick tips to improve performance as well as where performance is headed in 2019.
  3. Episode 273

    On Sharing Links and Pricing

    Dave and Chris are answering your questions on this episode, such as: Do sharing buttons on websites work? Pricing for apps? Building things yourself versus off the shelf? API's and CMS's and headless CMS's?
  4. Episode 264

    React with Netflix

    We're React-ing to a discussion with 3 developers at Netflix about React. Why did Netflix choose React? We also cover the reason behind Netflix's obsession with A/B testing?
  5. Episode 253

    Rapidfire 84

    RAPIDFire except less rapid and more fire this time? We're talking support for @supports, should you do work you don't agree with? Should you use data URLs all the time? How would you spend two grand? Do we need to solve CSS or is it fine the way it is?