520: Conferences, Search Engines, Anonymity, CSS, :Has, and the Future with Eric Meyer and Jeffrey Zeldman

Eric Meyer and Jeffrey Zeldman join Chris and Dave to talk about building the web in 2022, micro formats and search engines, looking back on their work in building the web, anonymity and branding, the new possibilities with :has, performance gains in CSS, and the future of the web.


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Eric Meyer

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Eric A. Meyer has been working with the web since late 1993 and is an internationally recognized expert on the subjects of HTML, CSS, and web standards. A widely read author, he is technical lead at Rebecca’s Gift, a 501(c) non-profit organization dedicated to providing healing family vacations after the death of a child; and is, along with Jeffrey Zeldman, co-founder of An Event Apart.

Jeffrey Zeldman

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Jeffrey Zeldman is an American entrepreneur, web designer, author, podcaster and speaker on web design. He is the co-founder of A List Apart Magazine and the Web Standards Project. He also founded the design studios Happy Cog and studio.zeldman, and co-founded the A Book Apart imprint and the design conference An Event Apart.

Time Jump Links

  • 00:40 Guest introduction
  • 04:29 Do you still have to be everything all at once?
  • 10:12 Microformats and search engines
  • 15:11 Sponsor: Memberful
  • 16:44 Looking back on web development work
  • 22:34 The web and anonymity
  • 25:48 CSS guy to Igalia
  • 30:35 What does has enable for us?
  • 43:05 Sponsor: Notion
  • 43:52 Performance gains in CSS
  • 51:04 The future of the web

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