264: React with Netflix

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We're React-ing to a discussion with 3 developers at Netflix about React. Why did Netflix choose React? We also cover the reason behind Netflix's obsession with A/B testing?



Ryan Burgess

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Jem Young

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Naoufal Kadhom

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  • 5:00 What is React and what makes it compelling for Netflix?
  • 8:05 What are the conditions for ending an A/B test?
  • 10:02 Are you doing component swapping or micro text swapping? And why is React good for that?
  • 12:10 What's the React stew at Netflix?
  • 13:10 Do you use router? Do you use Redux?
  • 14:20 Should people looking to work at Netflix learn React?
  • 17:00 Is the buy in for React too high to change away from it if needed?
  • 18:30 Even if you could prove Svelte to be better, it'd be hard to convince Netflix to change wouldn't it?
  • 20:01 What's React native?
  • 21:12 Is it a split code base or is it a shared base?
  • 25:15 What's the world of writing code for TV?
  • 27:10 Is the markup decent?
  • 29:01 What about styling?
  • 33:30 Is changing a style later a headache in React?
  • 36:03 Dave's issues with loading Netflix on his Xbox One
  • 39:10 Is the future going to be rough for React with cheaper, smaller devices with less memory and CPU?
  • 42:39 Do we need to be worrying about React Fiber?
  • 48:15 Is there QA for days before you ship stuff at Netflix?
  • 48:50 Who else is using React well these days?
  • 50:00 Would you say that the role of a front-end developer should now include the ability to use JS frameworks?
  • 55:40 What should I do for the future?