There are 11 shows about this topic.

  1. Episode 377

    React Courses with Tyler McGinnis

    Tyler McGinnis stops by the ShopTalk Show to chat with Dave and Chris about his React courses, how he keeps up with web technology, and his thoughts on marketing and selling courses.
  2. Episode 354

    Next.js and Now with Guillermo Rauch

    Guillermo Rauch stops by to talk about Zeit, Now, and Next.
  3. Episode 347

    Jason Miller and PreactJS

    Jason Miller stops by to chat about the world of performant JavaScript, the future of PreactJS, and lettings tools do the code golfing for you.
  4. Episode 346

    Is There a Great Divide?

    Dave and Chris chat about the great (or is it?) divide in the front end world of web design and development.
  5. Episode 281

    The New JavaScript

    Javascript has been on people's mind and so Dave and Chris bring the horn section along to answer your questions on choosing which technology to run with, when to learn it, spaghetti code, and also Dave's thoughts on Microsoft Edge Summit 2017.