342: Performance Improvements with Ben Schwarz

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We're talking performance improvements and we've got Ben Schwarz, creator of Calibre - the web performance monitoring app for teams, on to give some quick tips to improve performance as well as where performance is headed in 2019.



Ben Schwarz

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Founder of Calibreapp. Delivering @perfemail. Making the web faster. Recovering conference and community organister.

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  • 00:54 What's Ben been up to since last time?
  • 04:30 Supporting projects financially
  • 07:28 What is Calibre?
  • 11:57 Sweating the details can help your bottom line
  • 20:01 Critical Request takeaways
  • 22:42 Sponsor: Gumroad
  • 24:33 Quick performance tip
  • 27:39 Not all performance tips are helping
  • 29:02 Q: Loading scripts at the bottom, do you need async tag?
  • 30:05 Sponsor: WooCommerce
  • 31:42 Is total page weight an issue?
  • 34:12 What's Ben Schwarz favorite perf metric?
  • 39:09 Why are websites so bad?
  • 51:49 Doing little experiments to try and make things a bit better
  • 54:31 What's happening in performance in 2019?
  • 59:02 How to follow Ben Schwarz online