343: Learning How to Design with Erik Kennedy

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Erik Kennedy helps us open up 2019 with a great discussions on learning how to design, picking out better typography, picking colors, how to handle negative design feedback, and more.



Erik Kennedy

Erik Kennedy

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I’m an independent UX and UI designer based in Seattle, Washington. In addition to client work, I also write, speak, and teach about design.

Time Jump Links

  • 00:47 Guest introduction
  • 05:18 Struggling with things yourself before you find the answer
  • 06:58 Learning how to pair typefaces
  • 10:38 CSS Tricks as an example
  • 14:00 Learning to pick colors for projects
  • 21:19 Sponsor: Digital Ocean
  • 22:08 What's the biggest problem for students learning design?
  • 25:28 How do you recognize a design that's gone too far?
  • 27:52 Marker 9
  • 31:07 How do you get out of a bad design system?
  • 35:15 Cheat codes for good design
  • 36:08 Sponsor: Porkbun
  • 36:54 How to decide on typography
  • 40:32 Design cheat code: motif
  • 43:25 Getting design feedback
  • 49:52 Why not just use Bootstrap?
  • 59:20 Closing thoughts from Erik