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065 With Ben Frain

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Ben Frain

Web // Twitter

Ben is a web developer, author and speaker based in Cheshire, England.

Show Description

This week we were joined by Ben Frain, a web developer, technology columnist, and [book author]( from Cheshire, UK. Ben has written for major publications like MacUser, .net, and The Guardian and is also a [very famous]( television actor. We talked about (roughly in order):

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  • Hey – you guys talk a lot about Sass and Less and how to organize those files. One GREAT example of this is Twitter Bootstrap. It uses Less by default (although there are Sass forks as well), and is a great learning tool/example go by.

  • Amit

    Hi guys, was there a 20% coupon for WP Migrate DB Pro or did I miss that 😉

    • I think it was CSSTRICKS

      • Amit

        cheers! thanks

    • Further to the show and Chris talking about WP Migrate DB Pro I bought it and used it to migrate remote to local on my own site for a bit of dev work. Works absolutely great. I think they should sponsor STS 🙂

      • Amit

        They sure should 🙂 I got me a copy too…

  • For the Coda user going FTP commando, here’s a little trick to get it to recognize changes to the compiled css and mark it for publishing:

  • RE: Transferring the cowboy live edited CSS back into your SASS file. I think the guys are along the right lines but are overcomplicating.

    I would:
    – Bring back the live CSS

    – Diff it against the CSS that your SASS generates

    – Move any differences over to the SASS files, converting any values to variables as appropriate

  • thanigaivel

    The techniques to scrap a page using Dom document is given in the site you can take a look at this for your reference…

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