066: RAPIDFIRE #16

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Another classic RAPIDFIRE! No guests, no drama, no news, just all redhot question on answer action.



Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert in silly sunglasses and a sign that says Shawp Tawlkk Shough DOT COM

Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert

This episode is with just Chris & Dave, ShopTalk Show's hosts. Chris is the co-founder of CodePen and creator of CSS-Tricks, and Dave is lead developer at Paravel.

Time Jump Links

  • 2:35 What do you use to concatenate JavaScript files before production on Windows?
  • 6:33 Aren’t thinks like history.pushState just new JavaScript things, not HTML5?
  • 11:10 Can Sublime Text help with re-usable components?
  • 16:08 How do you diagram these fancy one-page style apps?
  • 20:42 How do you take PHP and JavaScript to a professional level?
  • 22:40 How much does Modernizr help with cross browser compatibility?
  • 30:20 What is the best tag for an alert or notification?
  • 35:58 What is Backbone for?
  • 43:35 Is it better to have one stylesheet with media queries in it or split it up into different stylesheets?
  • 55:40 How do you minify data-uris?
  • 59:13 How do you handle subscription based font services and clients?
  • 1:06:00 What are our views about SEO in general?