Episode 067

With Pam Selle

This week we were joined by Pam Selle, a full stack developer in many languages and all around hacker from Philly. Pam works at AxisPhilly, teaches for GirlDevelopIt, and blogs at The Webivore. We talk about (roughly in order):


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Pam Selle

Web // Twitter

Pam is a software engineer, speaker and author

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Time Jump Links
  • 1:50 Introducing Pam Selle
  • 2:45 Pam's day job: Axis Philly
  • 4:00 Girl Develop It
  • 8:37 Civic Hacking Video
  • 12:58 Recruiters. What on earth do these people do for a living?
  • 15:40 Opinions about the use of :hover related to drop down menus
  • 22:57 I'm new to hackathons and not super great at code, what should I expect? Can I still get anything out of it or contribute?
  • 31:04 Client side templating vs server side templating: what are the differences and benefits?
  • 39:17 Resets vs Normalize (and frameworks)
  • 47:30 Problems with jQuery on a CDN
  • 53:57 Trying to put together a standard HTML/CSS/jQuery Framework - is it OK to mix bits and pieces of different pre-existing frameworks?
  • 59:15 "I fixed up my old site (which had tables) with newer code, but my site visitors still see half of the old code. Help!"

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