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  1. Episode 373

    WordPress Databases & Hosting with Brad Touesnard

    We're talking WordPress databases and WordPress hosting on this chat with Brad Touesnard. What's page caching vs object caching? How should you move a database from local to dev to production? And what should be in your repo for WordPress?
  2. Episode 259

    Rapidfire 86

    Dave and Chris are back together for a Rapidfire episode talking about the modern 2017 stack for front end development, Sass vs native CSS, best practices for HTML comments, Microsoft's efforts with Linux, database cleaning, and the ongoing Atomic CSS debate.
  3. Episode 065

    With Ben Frain

    This week we were joined by Ben Frain, a web developer, technology columnist, and [book author](http://benfrain.com/books/) from Cheshire, UK. Ben has written for major publications like MacUser, .net, and The Guardian and is also a [very famous](http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0289655/) television actor. We talked about (roughly in order):
  4. Episode 033

    With Alex King

    This week we were joined by long time WordPress contributor and entrepreneur Alex King. Alex has been kicking ass on WordPress for longer than we've known it was a thing. He is now the proprietor of Crowd Favorite which does large scale client work and creates find products such as RAMP and Carrington Build. We talk about (roughly in order):
  5. Episode 029

    With Tab Atkins

    This week we were joined by Tab Atkins. Tab is a member of the CSS Working Group in the W3C and contributes to several other working groups. He is an employee of Google with the title Web Standards Hacker. We talk about (roughly in order):