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042 Rapidfire #11

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Show Description

Hot off the trail of "Episode 41: The Even Lost'er Episode", we have another surprise RAPIDFIRE! No guest, no drama, just question on answer action.

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  • aussiechris

    Hey Dave, I found it interesting when you read out CSSComb’s support for text editors and laughed at intelliJidea, I use their product on Windows while developing php/html/css/javascript web-apps & web sites. Is there something I’m missing, I find it powerful, especially php debugging set by step on the fly. Should I be using a better ide/text-editor? What it lacks in is adopting new stuff, eg. I find it hard to get support for Laravel, foundation 4, Larvel’s Blade enging, moustache-handlebars. So yeah, maybe I can adopt another IDE, would be great to get feedback from you guys, appreciate the show. Thanks. Chris.

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