040: with Laura Kalbag

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This week we were joined by Laura Kalbag, a freelance designer from Surrey in the UK. She's done some work you might be familiar with, like the "Future Of ..." conference websites. Laura talks about responsive design and what it's like being a web designer in a modern and fresh way. We talk about (roughly in order):



Laura Kalbag

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Laura is a designer at

Time Jump Links

  • 3:32 UX is Bullocks
  • 6:38 The “truth” about HTML5. QUOTATION MARKS MINE.
  • 9:22
  • 19:37 What’s your process of designing a website? Laura mentions Sketch.
  • 23:44 What do you see as the challenges for designers designing for Responsive design and how do see them being addressed?
  • 29:26 What your go-to plugins are when developing a WordPress theme? (Chris’ list) Laura liked Advanced Custom Fields.
  • 38:10 How do you recommend incorporating a CSS reset into a Sass workflow?
  • 43:02 How difficult do you find it to “sell” responsive web design to smaller clients?
  • 51:40 Will we start seeing more horizontally scrolling sites with vertical media queries instead of the standard (vice versa)?
  • 55:40 Do you have any recommendations about how I should start giving life to my designs through color?
  • 1:00:17 Which size screen do you start designing for first? What about coding for?