104: With Leslie Jensen-Inman

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This week we were joined by Dr. Leslie Jensen-Inman, headmaster of Hogwarts the Unicorn Institute (aka Center Centre) in Chattanooga, TN.

We talked about (roughly in order):

  • 26:50 Firefox 26 now supporting audio decoding

Q & A:

  • 29:20 Will Center Centre have online classes?
  • 30:34 Do you guys have any experience with the WordPress plug-in WP Migrate DB Pro?
  • 33:40 For Center Centre: are all prospective 30 courses mandatory, or are there electives? Are all courses consecutive or is summer open to intern/work with partner companies?Also, what’s the target size for the first cohort, what’s the cost of the program, who are the partner companies, and when can I apply?
  • 43:10 I totally hate my job. I’m therefore trying to turn myself into a freelance developer/designer. Can I acquire the skills I need purely by online and book based learning?
  • 46:48 I’ve been lucky enough to be working as a Community Manager for an advertising agency taking care of social media and web development. Recently the job has grown too large and is being split in two and I am opting to stay with the development side and we will bring in a new social person. I have been asked to provide a possible job title. Do you have any more suggestions?
  • 52:29 I have owned a small web design company for a few years now. I have reached a point where I just need more of a challenge. I would really love to work with a new start up, or maybe just a larger web firm with more exciting clients, but I really have no clue of how to get my foot in the door. Any suggestions?


  • WP DB Migrate Pro Premium wordpress plugin for migrating and syncing databases back and forth from local and remote sites. Chris uses it on CSS-Tricks. Boom.
  • 50:40 E4H: Responsive Web Design Summit April 1-3, online: lots of great speakers talking about performance, techniques/tips, and strategy when dealing with RWD and workflows. Topics include Sass tips, grunt, tool automation, responsive HTML emails, content strategy for designers, responsive wire framing, with speakers like Dan Mall, Brad Frost, Trent Walton, Jenn Lukas, and more. The code SHOPTALKSHOW gets 20% off any ticket combo.

Enter to win a ticket to RWS Summit: send in an audio question and tag your email “RWD”.

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  • Jonathan Beech

    Regarding the WP migrate plugin, have you any experience with serverPress? http://serverpress.com/ I have had some success with it although I dont know how it can integrate within a git workflow, you can deploy your entire site or just the database or even set up WordPress installation blueprints with all your favourite plugins ready rolled