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122 With Katie Kovalcin

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Katie Kovalcin

Web // Twitter

Katie is a senior product designer at Vox Media.

Show Description

This week we were joined by Katie Kovalcin. Katie is a designer at Happy Cog in Austin and teaches at Girl Develop It.

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Time Jumps


  • Python definitely isn’t a “Web” language. It’s a programming language that has a web framework available: Django.

  • Andy Barr

    was that a Zelda sound clip?

  • Webflow is an interresting option in-between Photoshop/Illustrator and CSS. They promise “Production ready websites” but I wouldn’t rely on that.

    However, their design tool is pretty solid, and especially the fact that you’re designing in a responsive environment brings something that has been missing from web design tools for too long.

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