121: With Sam Kapila

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This week we were joined by Sam Kapila. Sam teaches at Texas State University, focusing mainly on Responsive Web Design and Typography.



Sam Kapila

Web · Social

Sam is the director of academic ops and diversity at The Iron Yard.

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  • 12:50 What did you guys study in college? Would you change your mind if you could go back? What kinds of studies do you recommend or do not recommend, and can you share any experiences?
  • 23:30 I’m not in a position at work where it’s practical/needed to get into Yeoman or Bower, even though I like to stay at the forefront of web trends. Am I becoming a dinosaur?
  • 32:20 I created a website with a small app for a client, and now they want the source code for the app so another developer can work on it. What should I do?
  • 36:05 I'm intrigued to use CSS Calc in my private projects (modern browsers) but am not sure about the performance. It’s not a big deal, but i’d love to know if it's a good thing to use, or should avoid it?
  • 47:45 I really like the idea of embedding above-the-fold CSS in the head and including the rest at the bottom of the page. Do you see any drawbacks with this method?
  • 57:04 How can I finally get started with contributing to open source projects?