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076 With Tim Sabat and Alex Vazquez

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Tim Sabat

Web // Twitter

Tim is a co-founder and full-stack developer at CodePen.

Alex Vazquez

Web // Twitter

Alex is a co-founder and a full stack developer at CodePen.

Show Description

This week we were joined by Tim Sabat and Alex Vazquez. Like Chris, Tim and Alex worked at Wufoo, then SurveyMonkey after the acquisition. Now all three of them are the founders of CodePen. We talk about (roughly in order):

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  • forresttanaka

    I like you guys’ comments on the college education question. I *am* classically trained and worked in software development for a lot of years, then switched it all to web dev. At the questioner’s age, I’d agree he might come out of college training feeling disappointed; college tech education can be far behind industry. But I do think it’d be worth it to take individual classes in Javascript, PHP, Perl; whatever you think is relevant, maybe at a community college, especially in case he doesn’t have programming experience. I think he’ll go down fewer blind alleys with this background — it expedites his good-quality-coding days.

    • forresttanaka

      Oh, and I also recommend a Lynda subscription, even as you get experienced. I haven’t seen a good PHP class on there yet, but there are some JS classes that are good, and overall development classes that are great! I got into WP development specifically because of Chris Coyier’s WP Lynda class.

  • Guys, Brandon Kelly didn’t “rage quit”, nor did he announce Craft “on stage.”

    Pixel and Tonic is still making the addons that most of our community loves and uses on a daily basis. They just pushed updates to *all* of their EE addons today, in fact.

    Please try to do some research before you start spouting inaccurate crap.

    • chriscoyier

      I heard his grandpa’s dog was a NAZI.

      • chriscoyier

        Sorry I was just sticking my tongue out there.

        But yeah sorry if we got the facts wrong. I read the article on Ellis Labs – it was all about them being mad for using their venue to promoting this other thing. Those were the facts I had and talked about.

        I’m always totally down with setting the record straight so we’ll mention what we can when we can.

        Fair warning, ShopTalk is just us running our mouths for an hour every week. Prrrrrrobably won’t be the last time we spout off on some random HOT DRAMA, as that’s an entire section of the show.

    • Derek Jones

      Everyone is entitled to an opinion, so I’m not posting to sway anyone’s view. But Chris Kennedy is spot on. The coverage on this podcast is full of factual inaccuracies, particularly unfair to Brandon. I encourage any who found this segment interesting to read the full blog post.

      • Dave Rupert

        Thanks for the feedback. FWIW, we were notified by members of the EE Community about the #hotdrama in that Ellis Lab post (pre-edit) which made Brandon’s actions sound pretty hostile. The post has since been corrected to state that he wasn’t attempting to use A/V equipment to pitch Craft.

        I personally have total respect for Brandon and all the incredible work P&T does.

        Like Chris said, we were dealing with the facts we had available. If you have any links to posts that can clear up our “factual inaccuracies” or “inaccurate crap” that we got wrong on the show, please let us know and we’ll mention and link to them in a future show.

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