075: With Tim Kadlec

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This week we were joined by Tim Kadlec. Tim is a front end developer, blogger, book author, and started the web conference Breaking Development at his previous job.



Tim Kadlec

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Tim is a writer, podcaster and head of developer relations at Synk.

Time Jump Links

  • 3:40 "Just Build Websites!" Soundbyte
  • 5:30 Breaking Development Conf
  • 9:30 Tim's Drama: Science and responsive images
  • 19:15 "The Sidebar In Your Site Is Hot Garbage"
  • 24:20 Brad Frost: Mobile Web Problems
  • 30:52 1. Tim, you're a husband and father of three, you write books, run and speak at conferences and still have great looking hair. What's the secret?
  • Do you generally favour responsive image techniques that require author 'intervention' (e.g. writing or srcset style markup) or set and forget methods such as (and why)?
  • 41:30 Have you seen any examples of pages using mostly CSS animation to tell a story? Also, for Tim, how do animated infographics fit into a responsive workflow?
  • 48:35 Isn't display: table-cell awesome? Why don't CSS developers use it more often?
  • 56:24 How do you find the people that you want to interview? The reason I ask is because on your site -- and most other design sites I've found -- never talk about or feature any black designers or developer.