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  1. Episode 435

    Magic, iPad Sidecar, Getting Unstuck, Image Compression, and The Website

    Chris is nostalgic for Magic the Gathering, Dave's wishing he hadn't added drawings to his blog, they're both mouthblogging about image compression and AVIF, and Jeremey Keith is back with chapter 3: The Website.
  2. Episode 194

    With Drew McLellan

    Drew McLellan is on this week to talk about Perch - the CMS built for web professionals - and the upcoming 24Ways.
  3. Episode 139

    RapidFire 39

    This week it's another RAPID-FIRE!!! Nothing but mouth guns and hot question and answer madness!
  4. Episode 130

    Rapidfire 35

    This week it's another RAPIDFIRE! Nothing but the best darn question and answer action you've ever heard!
  5. Episode 075

    With Tim Kadlec

    This week we were joined by Tim Kadlec. Tim is a front end developer, blogger, book author, and started the web conference Breaking Development at his previous job.