web fonts

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  1. Episode 296

    Variable Fonts with Jason Pamental

    We've got Jason Pamental on the show to educate us on variable typography and how it could be the biggest thing to come to the web since responsive design.
  2. Episode 143

    Rapidfire 40

    This week it's another RAPID-FIRE!!! Nothing but web standards southern gentlemen and hot question and answer madness!
  3. Episode 134

    With Marc Grabanski

    This week we were joined by Marc Grabanski. Marc is a UI dev consultant and runs Frontend Masters.
  4. Episode 131

    With Karolina Szczur

    This week we were joined by Karolina Szczur. Karolina is a designer, developer and photographer living in Kraków, Poland. She is currently working with the delightful people of &yet.
  5. Episode 079

    With Travis Miller

    This week we were joined by Travis Miller, a full stack developer at SPARK. Chris and Dave met Travis at Front End Conf where he gave a talk about hip hop and the web.