Episode 079

With Travis Miller

This week we were joined by Travis Miller, a full stack developer at SPARK. Chris and Dave met Travis at Front End Conf where he gave a talk about hip hop and the web.


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Travis Miller

Web // Twitter

Travis is a freelance designer , developer and strategist.

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  • 9:24 Why You Shouldn’t Tell That Random Girl On The Street That She’s Hot
  • 14:40 What is the future of layout; CSS Grid or Flexbox?
  • 22:32 Data URI vs linked image?
  • 32:24 What solutions could you recommend for someone looking to provide video training with a paywall on their website? How would you handle memberships? Is Vimeo business secure?
  • 39:36 What would you guys use if you were building a e-commerce site for a small store today?
  • 47:28 I work for an agency looking to move from going “commando” with FTP over to git, sass, etc. What should we do when a client asks for FTP access?
  • 52:34 Are there any performance hits or gotchas by simply linking to Google web fonts instead of downloading them?
  • 57:04 There are a few ways people replace images with text. Which is the best, considering performance and crossbrowser compatibility?

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