078: With Rick Blalock

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This week we were joined by mobile architect Rick Blalock. Rick currently works at Appcelerator, a framework for building out native applications in Javascript. Rick also knows quite a bit about Joomla.



Rick Blalock

Web · Social

Rick is a web developer at IBM.

Time Jump Links

  • 12:30 Why mobile apps are slow
  • 21:17 Tweetbot Neue
  • 22:42 Clear up EE drama: Brandon Kelley did not “rage quit” on stage, and EllisLab is looking for a new owner for CodeIgniter
  • 25:12 Do you guys know any good resources that feature some advanced knowledge about web-apps on mobile devices?
  • 33:58 What do you guys think of the responsive image delivery services that are coming online? Have you tried any? Do they reduce the ‘Ughck’?
  • 42:15 With Google getting ready to punish sites that aren’t mobile friendly, do I need to start learning mobile-first responsive design even as a beginner, or should I develop a non-RWD site and then go back later and make it responsive?
  • 47:45 What’s up with Haxe? It’s an open source platform that can compile to many different things, including the mobile platform.
  • 51:56 What are the Pros and Cons of using Drupal vs Joomla these days? 57:04 How do you guys work with Git?