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  1. Episode 204

    With Matt Dennewitz and Jeff Eaton

    This week we're talking about headless CMS's. We've got Matt Dennewitz from Pitchfork Media and Jeff Eaton at Lullabot. Blowing up your frent end and theme - now what? If you're not as decoupled as you wish you were, listen in and find out the benefits and pitfalls ahead.
  2. Episode 134

    With Marc Grabanski

    This week we were joined by Marc Grabanski. Marc is a UI dev consultant and runs Frontend Masters.
  3. Episode 078

    With Rick Blalock

    This week we were joined by mobile architect Rick Blalock. Rick currently works at Appcelerator, a framework for building out native applications in Javascript. Rick also knows quite a bit about Joomla.
  4. Episode 016

    With Ian Stewart

    This week we were joined by Ian Stewart, a Theme Wrangler for Automattic working on WordPress themes for WordPress.com, the biggest Automattic project. We talk about (roughly in order):