134: With Marc Grabanski

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This week we were joined by Marc Grabanski. Marc is a UI dev consultant and runs Frontend Masters.



Marc Grabanski

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Marc is and front end developer and CEO of Frontend Masters.

Time Jump Links

  • 12:00 Don't call it Standard Markdown
  • 16:07 How do you prefer attaching JavaScript events to elements?
  • 25:58 I am having a hard time finding a way to bridge my methods between front-end javascript and back-end php/mysql. Is there a good way to bridge these technologies?
  • 32:36 Is there a foundry or type designer you rely on to provide consistency, or do you assume the well known ones are all pretty much the same quality? Is there a real incentive to hosting yourself?
  • 44:04 Is there a 'best-practices' way to direct Wordpress to run any CSS and JS from plugins in the footer?
  • 53:10 I have a friend that wants to make a quick buck throwing together sites with Drupal themes. How do you both precisely articulate what is, and what is not “professional” practice?