131: With Karolina Szczur

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This week we were joined by Karolina Szczur. Karolina is a designer, developer and photographer living in Kraków, Poland. She is currently working with the delightful people of &yet.



Karolina Szczur

Web · Social

Karolina is a designer, developer and photographer currently working with Calibre.

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  • 23:44 How do you guys deal with web fonts that render significantly smaller than average?
  • 31:02 What is the current trend for the placement of a form on a page?
  • 39:46 The agency I work with isn't happy I'm using LESS or SASS for front end styles. They claim the CSS it delivers for the client is too messy, and that we should write straight CSS. Do you have any recommendations for writing cleaner pre-processed code?
  • 47:15 Is it feasible in CSS to have ellipsis applied to multiline text (text in a block, so height is also should be considered), if it starts to overflow?
  • 58:11 I am quite new to web design and I think I could improve on my web presence. It seems that almost all web professionals use Twitter extensively. Why is it such an important tool?