132: With Ian Feather

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This week we were joined by Ian Feather. Ian is the Client Side Technical Lead at Lonely Planet.



Ian Feather

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Ian is a principal engineer at Buzzfeed.

Time Jump Links

  • 28:26 How do I create CSS shapes for my website?
  • 32:40 I noticed that Lonely Planet uses SVG icons; but they appear to be base64 encoded. How is that set up in the CSS, and what happens when they need to edit/add icons?
  • 35:28 How do you guys deal with what I call project shame? Basically, no matter how good the end product is, I always end up finding the imperfect parts to hate, resulting in my career being a never-ending flurry of project shame. Does that happen with you guys too, or should I go see a therapist?
  • 42:30 I'm wondering why a lot of people are choosing Bower components over using a cached version from a Google/Cloudflare hosted CDN? Isn't the latter way faster most of the time?
  • 50:16 I work in an environment where the JS architecture I write isn't really understood by the majority of my coworkers. Should I continue writing classical JS in this environment? Or should I start writing functional JS so that my coworkers are more likely to understand my code?
  • 54:00 Do you tend to create SVGs by hand (typing the points for lines and what not) or do you simply export SVGs from Illustrator?
  • 57:16 Is building your own blog a rite of passage for a young web developer trying to level up, or is it a colossal waste of time?