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073 With Val Head

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Val Head

Web // Twitter

Val is a designer and web animation consultant.

Show Description

This week we were joined by Val Head. Val is a designer and consultant. She co-founded Web Design Day and Refresh Pittsburgh, is the Managing Editor of, and just released the CSS Animations Pocket Guide on Five Simple Steps.

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We talked about (roughly in order):

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  • Nelson Rodrigues

    Oh god! That HTML joke… 😛

  • Hey guys, maybe something I should send in a question about but I remember you covered it in one episode.

    Does it make more sense to have listed resource links open in new tabs? I understand letting the user make the choice but I feel like on this page for example when you are going through a list of links you always want to have the root page available to get back to. I clicked on links above and found myself going back and then opening in new tab. Maybe it’s my own browsing habits but I feel like any lists of links should open in new tabs. Just an assumption but I wonder if that is the majority expected behavior from a ux standpoint. Couldn’t find any postings on it. And for the people who click to open in new tab, they wouldn’t see a difference. Hope that makes sense.

    Absolutely, positively, love the show. Chris, your blog changed my life, honestly. Uncle Dave, you da man!

    Great episode.


    • nn

      From another listener/web researcher/diy-designer:

      I suspect that people like myself who really want all links to open in new tabs set our browsers (Firefox in my case) to do this. In the case of external links — resource links, as you say — I understand your inclination, but seems like it might confuse/frustrate some visitors, depending on the audience. Also, can you ensure it will open in a new tab, and not a new window??

      • Your right. At the core is the concept of not making decisions for the users.

  • I always listen to these things as podcasts, so I’m a bit late to the game. But I just wanted to clarify a few things that the hosts were wondering about with em-based media queries:

    1. Em-based media queries assume 16px for ems, except when the user’s font size is set differently in their config. That’s the nice thing about using ems in a media query; everything will scale up with the user’s font size. This seems to also work with browser zoom, at least in Chrome.

    2. Two queries, one with max-width: 40em and one with min-width: 40em will both match if your browser happens to be 40em. Crazy stuff. This leads me to rounding…

    3. Browsers don’t seem to round consistently. When I was experimenting, I found out that 39.9999em rounded up to 40em in some browsers. But if I used 39.9375em (that’s 39 and one sixteenth) it worked fine — at least at 100% zoom and larger. So use sixteenths of an em and hope that your users don’t zoom out! 🙂

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