074: With Noah Stokes

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This week we were joined by Noah Stokes, founder and partner of Bold (a web design studio) as well as a designer and front end coder with the best of them. Noah is also a professional newscaster, blogger', and speaker. We talked about (roughly in order):



Noah Stokes

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Noah is a lead product designer at Creative Market.

Time Jump Links

  • 9:57 PRISM
  • 13:05 “Ughck. Images.”
  • 17:47 More about flat design (iOS7! Nexus 7 drama!)
  • 22:03 How do you normally work with displaying fractions on sites?
  • 26:48 Noah, what is it about ExpressionEngine that you like so much?
  • 39:32 Icon fonts versus inline SVG. Go!
  • 42:28 I have been researching layout approaches and the Golden Ratio seems to be a common standard. I am concerned that making the site responsive may break this “divine proportion”. What are your thoughts or strategies you use?
  • 47:50 How do you plan for a conference? What do you plan, what do you take with you, and once you’re there how do you make the most of your time and your ticket?
  • 54:29 What are professional designer and coder thoughts on the Adobe Tools and Services and especially Edge Code / Brackets?