There are 4 shows about this topic.

  1. Episode 215

    With Khoi Vinh

    This week we get to chat with Khoi Vinh, Director of Product Design, Mobile at Adobe about the tools we use right now to build and design with and also what the future might look like.
  2. Episode 182

    With Jeffrey Veen

    This week we talked with Jeffrey Veen about his journey along the web - from Webmonkey to True Ventures and everything inbetween.
  3. Episode 172

    With Tim Brown

    Tim Brown is the Type Manager for Adobe Typekit. He joins us this week for a deep dive into web typography.
  4. Episode 074

    With Noah Stokes

    This week we were joined by Noah Stokes, founder and partner of Bold (a web design studio) as well as a designer and front end coder with the best of them. Noah is also a professional newscaster, blogger', and speaker. We talked about (roughly in order):