073: With Val Head

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This week we were joined by Val Head. Val is a designer and consultant. She co-founded Web Design Day and Refresh Pittsburgh, is the Managing Editor of, and just released the CSS Animations Pocket Guide on Five Simple Steps.

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We talked about (roughly in order):



Val Head

Web · Social

Val is a designer and web animation consultant.

Time Jump Links

  • 10:15 iOS7 Ugly Stick
  • 15:33 Why we need responsive images
  • 24:35 How do you solve 0 to 480px, then from 481 to 600px and so on in EM-based media queries?
  • 32:19 What you think of this Topcoat and Pure? Also, should I write my own CSS using LESS/SASS using the principles of modular CSS/HTML?
  • 45:52 Could you talk about the techniques used to produce this new Mac Pro page on Is it witchcraft?
  • 52:10 How are you supposed to price yourself competitively when there really is no solid standard?