146: With Jed Schmidt

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This week we're joined by Jed Schmidt. Jed is a javascript developer and resident web nerd at UNIQLO in NYC. We take a deep dive with Jed into Javascript and front-end frameworks.



Jed Schmidt

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Jed is a mobile web developer at Uniqlo.

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  • 16:10 In spirit of keeping markup separate from style, separate from behavior, what are your thoughts on using the HTML5 data attribute as a selector for javascript, rather than the typical classname or id?
  • 28:32 How do you deal with handling the cache of JS and CSS files when rapidly iterating a design for a client?
  • 31:56 I work for a company and my main responsibility is taking a PSD and converting it into a fully responsive HTML + CSS template. Would Grunt be an appropriate addition to my workflow or is it geared towards JavaScript projects?
  • 39:26 What are your thoughts about supporting browser zoom? Do you have any advice on a good policy to give clients on what's covered as a bug if it doesn't look right when a user zooms?
  • 45:38 I've been recently learning more about Meteor, but I'm wondering what are your thoughts on these frameworks. Do you think they are going to replace front-end javascript frameworks (Angular, Backbone, Ember) + server side framework (Rails, Express, Django) or do you think there's a reason this separation exists between front-end and back-end?
  • 56:40 How do jQuery Page Loaders work? How can I utilize CSS animations (even SVG at some point) on a page loader? Can you ask jQuery to paint a progress bar for each % of the website it has loaded? Would that slow down the loading?